• Expected Results

The successful implementation of 3DPlate is expected to lead to significant results of high value, both at research and market level.

In more detail, these results are:

• Defining the market needs in relation to the fast and low-cost production of personalized items/products (e.g. jewelry, souvenirs, common touche objects).

• Development of know-how of the company’s personnel in the design and 3D printing resin objects.

• Development of pre-treatment technology of resin & polymeric surfaces in order to make them conductive using environmentally friendly methods.

• Design and set-up of a flexible vertical pilot line for personalized objects.

• Development and optimization of a quality control protocol of the produced objects.

• Production of fully personalized high added value objects, including objects with anti-bacterial and anti-viral surfaces

• Enhance company’s position in the 3D-printing and surface engineering markets in Europe.

  • Impact on Cnano

The implementation and the anticipated results of the 3DPlate project are expected to increase Cnano’s operational portfolio in a fast growing and dynamic field. Based on the analysis that has been performed on the 3D-printing market, the figures are more than promising and 16% market growth until 2025 is estimated.

When it comes to customized, personalized objects that require low production volumes, 3D printing have significant advantages compared to other manufacturing methods (e.g. extrusion, injection molding). The combination of low volume 3D printing objects with the application of metallic coatings will create a unique selling point for Cnano. The company expects to be positioned in between artists/designers and consumers, offering a holistic solution through the creating of a vertical line (e.g. design, 3D manufacturing and final surface finishing). This will create new business opportunities for the company entering to markets of personalized objects including jewelry, souvenirs, curio. Important part will be also the manufacturing of common touched objects plated with anti-bacterial and anti-viral coatings as hygiene issues are becoming more and more important.

By the end of the project Cnano aspires to be in the position to offer these solutions to its customers in Greece and neighbor countries. Finally, uccessful application of new patents will be based on the results of the project, especially in the challenging field of transforming a polymer to a conductive surface utilizing non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals.

  • Impact Environment and society

At the same time, additional expected impacts on society and the environment are expected from the innovative solutions proposed within 3DPlate.

  • Development of methods with minimal wastes and almost zero lead times. 3D plating can provide these benefits, especially when it comes to low volume of production such in the case of personalized/customized objects.
  • Development of environmentally friendly procedures for surface activation. A main target is to exclude the use of hexavalent chromium, a proven toxic and carcinogenic substance, and replace it with green chemicals.
  • Provision of common touched objects providing multifunctionality, including anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. As COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected both our everyday way of leaving as well as the economy and production, such objects can be an additional “weapon” in the fight against viruses.