Cnano collaborates with Costas Gaïtis

We are excited and honored to announce a research collaboration with the internationally renowned visual artist Costas Gaïtis.The target of the collaboration is that 3D-printed resin creations and sculptures with complex geometries, crafted by Costas Gaïtis, will be firstly metallized and then electroplated using eco-friendly processes.Plating on plastics just got aesthetically upgraded! Stay tuned! In the following website you may see some of the creations of Costas Gaïtis.

Electroplating 3D Printed Parts for High-Performance Antennas

An interview with the French-based company Elliptika which specializes in the design and development of RF and microwave products and solutions. Follow the link below to learn more on how they use 3D printing and electroplating to manufacture high-performance antennas, cutting cost and lead time by more than 90%.

We just installed our new Flashforge Creator 3 printer!!!

Today we are feeling creative! We just installed our new Flashforge Creator 3 printer from ANIMA and we are ready for a whole new experience!! The dual independent extruders, operating at high speeds, and the extended range of compatible materials give us endless possibilities! Our final target is to provide customized 3Dprinted objects with an excellent metal finishing. Stay tuned, more are coming!!  #Cnano#Cnano3D#3dprinting#engineering#additivemanufacturing#filament#technology